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Race + Resilience.

Creating a just world by advancing race equity and building community resilience.


Our Mission

To advance race equity, dismantle systems of oppression and build community resilience in order to create wellness and liberation for all.

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Our Offering

Race & Resilience, founded by Kerri Kelly and Michelle Johnson, is comprised of organizers and trainers who have collectively been supporting racial equity and justice work for over three decades. We understand we can’t simply train our way to racial equity and provide partners with holistic support that includes shifting organizational culture, providing strategic consulting, coaching/developing leaders, increasing staff capacity to champion equity initiatives and supporting companies, organizations and corporations in expanding their social impact.

Race & Resilience differentiates itself from other diversity, equity and inclusion training groups because we focus on transformative work not transactional change. We are a cross-racial facilitation team modeling how to be in generative relationship and collaboration across difference.

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“Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.”.png

Our Difference

Race & Resilience is committed to transformative change not transactional change. Our unique approach helps organizations create a culture of equity that both drives performance and builds resilience. To do that, we invest in people power, relational capacity and systems change to ensure long-term, sustainable transformation. Our theory of change is based in a culture of care that balances mission performance with human potential.




Engaging in a dismantling racism/race equity process involves shifting the culture of organizations. Many things arise as consciousness is being raised and paradigms shift. We provide support to groups, organizations, and corporations to respond to the cultural shifts as they arise. Shifting culture is part of what is required to create equitable ways of being through cultural norms, policies and practices.




We believe to be able to create strategies to dismantle systems and create equity, organizations, community groups and corporations must engage in consciousness raising to create shared language, a shared understanding and a shared framework about oppression, power and privilege. Only then can we being to implement systems of inclusion and resilience.




We are committed to long-term, transformative change at every level. We support the development of strategic planning that incorporates culture shift, capacity building, implementation and stewardship. We believe in building skills from the inside out starting with transformation within the organization and then expanding our focus to create social impact in the community.



Kerri and Michelle are a powerful training combo. Their mastery is evident in both the design and delivery of training, leaving attendees feeling fired up and ready to ask more questions and dig deeper into this important work.

Alison Murphy / Lululemon Social Impact


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Who We Are

Race & Resilience always works in a biracial training team to center multiple perspectives and model how to be in relationship and work across lines of difference.

Michelle Cassandra Johnson is a race equity trainer, social worker and yoga teacher who has been doing anti-racism work for over 20 years.

Kerri Kelly is a social impact consultant, community organizer and yoga teacher who works at the intersection of social justice and wellbeing.


These are trying times and we need spaces to truth tell, grieve, learn, heal and build skills. Join Michelle Johnson and Kerri Kelly for a monthly master class focused on dismantling racism and connecting with our individual and collective resilience.